Dispute Resolution

Bringing challenging legal issues before the European Court of Human Rights
Whenever the national judiciary fails to do its job, we defend our clients’ interests in Strasbourg through a well-thought-out defense strategy. We professionally prepare applications and create a new case-law taking into account contemporary trends in human rights protection.

Striving to restore our clients’ rights to the maximum extent possible
Focusing on proving a violation of the right to a fair trial for further case review at the national level, as well as violations of the right to free enjoyment of property for the purpose of recovering illegally seized assets and obtaining full compensation for damages.

Restoring faith in the rule of law and the inviolability of fundamental human rights
We pursue and achieve justice in cases that were considered hopeless at the national level. We return what was considered to be irretrievably lost, thereby contributing to the establishment of the rule of law in Ukraine.

"Highly experienced litigation team handling a range of domestic and cross-border disputes"

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Today, the second court session of the International Court of Justice (hereinafter – the ‘Court’) in the case initiated on the application filed on 26 February 2022 by Ukraine against the russian federation (hereinafter – the ‘rf’) ended. During this session, the issue of indication of the provisional measures requested by Ukraine was concluded...


Marko Holovach

Associate, Attorney-at-Law

ECHR case-law,
White Collar Crime

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