Intellectual Property

Changing the standards of intellectual property protection
Using the most up-to-date instruments to protect IP rights enforcement. Finding a solution even if traditional remedies to counteract the violation do not work.

Concentrating on damages recovery
Discovering new remedies, identifying the infringer, proving the damages and discontinuing unlawful activities.

Predicting the scenarios of how the dispute will develop
Securing claim and evidence timely. The best conflict is the one that has been avoided, so we seek opportunities for amicable resolution at any stage.

Specializing in complicated transactions involving several jurisdictions
Helping our clients to enter into agreements concerning intellectual property and in the context of M&A transactions. Our complicated projects include international licensing of trademark and patents.

Extensive expertise in various areas
Household electrical appliances, ІТ and media, pharmacy and agricultural chemistry, food and retail, luxury goods. The brand celebrity partnership and event sponsorship are yet another part of our practice.

"Dispensing an A-to-Z suite of services, Vasil Kisil and Partners is a one-stop shop for clients’ IP needs"

World Trademark Review 1000 2024

selected projects

Wikimedia Ukraine NGO

Vasil Kisil & Partners has successfully represented Wikimedia Ukraine NGO in court in the case regarding recognition of a post as false and refuting it.



Trial prompts for Midjourney and ChatGPT are long overdue, and fatigue from the omnipresent AI-generated content hopefully faded away. It is high time to catch your breath and think calmly about how to live side-by-side with impressively competent artificial intelligence.

Vitalii Meliankov


Let's say you bake delicious croissants, and those who have tasted them once wait every day for fresh pastries. Today, an Instagram account with photos of croissants from different cafés and their reviews is likely a more profitable business. Croissants are a traditional business. But if you are selling social media accounts, the validity of the deal costs much more. A recent Ukrainian alternative is the Law on Virtual Assets (the "Law"). What risks should be considered and how to mitigate them, why Ukrainian jurisdiction could become a new black for virtual assets – read on...

Ilarion Tomarov


Q&A about Cross-Border Copyright in Ukraine 2021

Ilarion Tomarov


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