Illegal seizure of funds at Ukraine border crossing point

When crossing the "green corridor" at the airport, customs officers confiscated 31,000 EUR in cash from Mr. Sadocha because he did not declare in writing the full amount of money he was transporting.

Vasil Kisil and Partners defended the client's interests in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

As a result, on May 07, 2020, the ECHR awarded just satisfaction in the case of Sadocha v. Ukraine. Upon considering an application, the Court found that the seizure of cash by customs officers at Ukraine border crossing point was disproportionate and violated the client's right to peaceful enjoyment of possessions.

For violation of the right to peaceful possession of the property, stated in the decision on the merits of the case from 11.07.2019, the applicant was awarded 29,500 EUR as compensation for property damage.


Vasil Sadocha


Mariia Novikova


Compliance and Investigation,
ECHR case-law,
White Collar Crime

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