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Corporate and M&A


Artem structures shares and securities transactions, shareholders agreements, investments.

Advises on corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

Active member of the Corporate Governance Professional Association and Ukrainian Bar Association.


Corporate and M&A

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Minimalism as a state of mind


Always studying and discovering the unknown

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«The price of greatness is responsibility»

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Ukraine has moved to a hybrid corporate governance model. For years, businesses could only use the two-tier model, with the management and the supervisory boards strictly separated. Now companies can take advantage of the one-tier model with its flexibility and dynamics.

Artem Shmatov


Years of occupation of Ukraine by russia, whatever form it happened in, made Ukraine look close to russia in all senses to the rest of the world. International businesses considered this closeness as a marker to optimize operations in Eastern Europe. In management terms, it often resulted in direct reporting of Ukrainians to russian offices instead of headquarters. In legal terms, the result was often the corporate control of russian units of multinational corporations over Ukrainian units or other forms of control such as IP licensing...

Artem Shmatov, Volodymyr Igonin


The Ukrainian government approved new requirements for disclosure of corporate structures and beneficiaries of Ukrainian companies. Starting from 12 July 2021, companies must file their corporate structures and supporting documents with registrars....

Artem Shmatov, Volodymyr Igonin


Q&A about Corporate Reorganisations in Ukraine 2021

Artem Shmatov, Volodymyr Igonin