Completion of Squeeze-Out Procedure within a Record Time

In June 2019, Vasil Kisil & Partners advised Ramburs Group on completion of the buy-out of minority shareholders’ shares in Brovarskyi Poultry Breeding Farm PJSC. The official procedure started in late May. Working in concert, the legal adviser and the Ramburs team succeeded in submitting a buy-out demand to minority shareholders before June 4, 2019, thus taking advantage of a simplified procedure. Consequently, the shares have been credited to the offeror’s account within less than a month since the beginning of the buy-out procedure. 

Vasil Kisil & Partners’ lawyers provided legal support throughout the buy-out procedure and, in particular, developed a detailed plan for coordinating the actions of all participants of the buy-out procedure, drafted necessary documents, and assisted in all actions prescribed by law.


Brovarskyi Poultry Breeding Farm PJSC


Volodymyr Igonin

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Corporate and M&A,
Telecommunications, Media & Technology

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