Counsel, Attorney-at-Law, PhD



Anatoliy specializes in anti-corruption and compliance, local self-governance and corporate governance.

2015 - 2019 - Anatoliy has been combining his legal profession with the position of an assistant to a member of the Kyiv City Council, since 2019 - with the position of an assistant to a Member of the Parliament.

PhD in International Law. 

Simultaneous interpreter of English.


Anticorruption Issues,
Corporate and M&A,
Private Client and Wealth Management



Life credo

«If you want to achieve something then be the best»

selected projects



Since 1991, the Ukrainian economy has remarkably transformed from its Soviet model to a modern and free market one. Still, thousands of enterprises remain in state and municipal ownership. The Government is interested in handing over publicly owned assets to effective private owners for future investment and development.

Anatoliy Pashynskyi , Volodymyr Igonin


There is hardly any Ukrainian left who has not even tried for the last three months to raise or remit money to meet needs of our military. It is often the case that a Privatbank card number, which is given in the first comment to the social media post, is used to raise funds. However, volunteers are facing the risk of having huge amounts of tax charged if they accept money to their personal bank cards...

Anatoliy Pashynskyi


For the time being, one of the most wished-for gifts for any volunteer organization is a car. That is why, over the past two and a half months, domestic businesses and the Ukrainians have handed over thousands of vehicles to volunteers to meet their needs. However, not all such transfers were formalized correctly. This article provides a step-by-step instruction on how to properly donate a car registered in Ukraine to a non-profit organization...

Anatoliy Pashynskyi


The article is available in Ukrainian

Anatoliy Pashynskyi