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The prohibition on the gambling industry in Ukraine and criminal punishment for such activities has been in place for previous 10 years, but currently this situation is set to change. On 16 January 2020 the Ukrainian parliament has adopted in a first reading a Draft Law on the regulation of the gambling industry. This law has a potential to persuade foreign companies that investments in a reborn gambling industry may bring substantial profits. It is especially true regarding the establishment of casinos...

Yurii Kolos


On 01 December 2019, the Ukrainian Parliament in part brought into force the Law No. 199-IX “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts Regarding Improvement of the Procedure of Provision of Administrative Services in the Field of Construction and Creation of the Single State Electronic System in the Field of Construction”...

Oleg Kachmar


A number of new SBC and amendments to the current SBC along with amendments to the Procedure for Developing Project Documentation for Construction Projects came into effect in early July...

Oleksandra Bortman, Oleg Kachmar


The article is available in Ukrainian

Alexander Borodkin


The article is available in Ukrainian

Alexander Borodkin


Alexander Borodkin, Mariia Chaban for Yuryst & Zakon

Alexander Borodkin

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