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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has finally published Resolution No. 480 of 19 April 2022 (the “Resolution”), which, among other things, renews state registration of real property titles. It was officially published in the Uriadovyi Kurier newspaper and, accordingly, entered into force on 28 April. The Resolution provides for a number of restrictions, which, as the Minister of Justice has repeatedly stated earlier, are aimed at preventing wrongful interference with and misuse of real property under martial law...

Roman Riabenko


Starting from early 2020, Ukrainian construction industry undergoes a string of core reforms. Aimed to reboot the industry, the reformative laws will establish new authorities to oversee all regulatory matters, will streamline the procedures for issuing construction permits and set new rules for inspections...

Alexander Borodkin


The article is available in Ukrainian

Oleksandra Bortman, Oleg Kachmar


The article is available in Ukrainian

Alina Ratushna


The article is available in Ukrainian

Bohdan Shabarovskyi, Oleg Kachmar

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