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Alina Ratushna


On 3 February 2020 an interim head of the State Ecological Inspection of Ukraine announced through social media that the Prime Minister of Ukraine ordered the Inspection to conduct mass and comprehensive examination of the factories polluting the environment. The full list of such factories contains 200 names, according to the head of the Inspection, 100 of them (only in Ukrainian) are available to the public as the most polluting...

Oleg Kachmar


Established in 2017, Azov and Crimean Black Sea Marine Ecological Inspections were expected to assure environmental control in seaports of Ukraine, and, for this purpose, they specialized in marine-related issues, including the pollution caused by ships...


On July 17, 2019, several Ukrainian stakeholders announced that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted new Regulation of the interaction between the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (‘USPA’) and the State Environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine (‘SEIU’) in case of polluting Ukrainian sea waters from ships within the territory of the seaports. The announcements were followed by words of a reasonable expectation that the Regulation is one more step in the suppression of bribery and corruption flourishing under the auspices of environmental control...

Oleg Kachmar

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