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The recent years’ crisis and economic sanctions have led many foreign companies to consider winding down their operations in Ukraine, including through liquidation of their businesses...


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Oleksandra Bortman, Yurii Kolos


Six months have already passed since the new procedural codes came into effect and the new Supreme Court started operating. For this time, most legal practitioners have already experienced what is the procedural game under new rules: someone was successful to be reimbursed for its legal service fees, someone had a procedural diversity leading to the imposing of a fine and someone successfully went through the mediation procedure and ultimately got the refunding for a half of the court fee paid upon filing the claim.

Yurii Kolos


Юрій Колос, Олександра Бортман для Agroportal.ua

Yurii Kolos, Oleksandra Bortman


Юрій Колос, Олександра Бортман для "Юридичної Газети"

Oleksandra Bortman, Yurii Kolos

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