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Recently we have published an article about possible approaches to lease relationships during the quarantine. Among them, we have distinguished Force Majeure, significant change in circumstances in contracts (Article 652 of the Civil Code of Ukraine) and inability to use assets (Articles 762 (4) and (6) of the Civil Code of Ukraine)...

Alexander Borodkin


Surfing the Internet, you may come across a large number of publications regarding Force Majeure and its seemingly helpful effect during the quarantine. In particular, the news about the enactment of a law saying that the quarantine is Force Majeure has become quite a big talk.

Alexander Borodkin



The amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Alternative Energy Sources" (the "Law") introduced a new incentive system for green energy producers – starting from 2020, instead of receiving the fixed feed-in tariff the green producers will compete at green auctions...

Alexander Borodkin


On 16 October 2019, the President of Ukraine signed the Law of Ukraine on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine on Public Procurement and to Some Other Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Improving Public Procurement (the "New Law"). The New Law is designed to restart the public procurement system and aims to close all loopholes that were used in the public procurement process...

Alexander Borodkin


Authors: Alexander Borodkin and Roman Riabenko

Roman Riabenko, Alexander Borodkin

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