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Oleg Alyoshin and Tetyana Revutska have contributed to EIRA annual report providing their expertise for Ukrainian profile regarding risk level, indicator performance and sub-indicator performance...

Oleg Alyoshin


The article is available in Ukrainian

Oleg Kachmar


Like the rest of the world, Ukraine has been affected by the crisis on energy markets caused by decline in demand caused by measures taken to combat COVID-19. There are also local conditions aggravating the energy markets decline, namely an extremely warm winter that affected both Ukrainian and European natural gas markets, that in turn responded with a fall in prices continuing so far...


On 15 June 2020, the Ukrainian government has formalised the concept of reducing the feed-in tariff in the draft law No. 3658 (the "Draft Law"). The Draft Law was prepared following the extensive discussions between the Ukrainian government and the producers of energy from renewable sources (the "RES producers"), which resulted in a memorandum (the "Memorandum") signed by the Cabinet of Ministers and certain, but not all, NGOs representing the green investors in Ukraine...

Alexander Borodkin


The article is available in Ukrainian

Oleg Alyoshin


A state enterprise ‘Guaranteed buyer’ emerged on June 2019 on the basis of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine’s decree, dated on 17 April 2019. This enterprise, created in the pursuit of the ‘green energy’ market reform launched in April 2019, was established with the purpose of full and guaranteed obligatory buying out of electricity from those entities for whom a so-called ‘green’ tariff was accorded...

Oleg Kachmar


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