Key legal developments in Ukraine's energy sector​ – II


Vasil Kisil and Partners in cooperation with the Task Force comprised of Ukrainian authorities and the Energy Charter Secretariat representatives, established under the project "Cooperation for Restoring the Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure", produced this overview of key legal developments in Ukraine's energy sector from 24 February to 20 November 2022.

This paper outlines coping strategies and emergency response mechanisms employed via legislative and regulatory means in the energy sphere, and aims to provide a concise overview of legal changes introduced for the duration of martial law and as a part of ongoing energy sector reforms.

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Author: Tetiana Revutska

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Like the rest of the world, Ukraine has been affected by the crisis on energy markets caused by decline in demand caused by measures taken to combat COVID-19. There are also local conditions aggravating the energy markets decline, namely an extremely warm winter that affected both Ukrainian and European natural gas markets, that in turn responded with a fall in prices continuing so far...

Oleg Alyoshin