Regional structure reform

We advised the National Public Broadcasting Company (UA:PBC), under the auspices of Deutsche Welle, in connection with the restructuring of UA: PBC Central Directorate in Kyiv, as well as on transferring of UA: PBC indefinite-term employees to fixed-term employment agreements. As a result of the restructuring, the UA: PBC production processes were split into ‘platforms’, giving them more internal autonomy.

UA: PBC transformation from a state-owned entity to a public broadcaster was launched in 2015. We have been advising UA: PBC on the transformation from its very beginning. In particular, the transformation involved the reduction of approximately two thousand five hundred staff and became the largest staff reduction in a public sector over the last decade. This obviously made it highly sensitive and political work.


National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine


Oksana Voynarovska

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

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