Dispute with the contractor

Vasil Kisil & Partners have successfully represented Intermode UK, an international retail company, in a dispute regarding the contractor’s debt recovery.

Under the contract, the contractor had to perform construction and finishing works in a multi-brand footwear store according to the client’s international standards, which are strictly regulated by the brand itself and should be mandatory implemented according to the SuperStep brand-book. Claiming that the client (Intermode UK) did not fully cover the value of the work, the contractor initiated proceedings to recover the debt.

Courts of all three instances concluded that the claim was groundless as the construction and finishing works were performed poorly, with project deviations, violations of construction norms, compromising the internationally accepted stylistic identity of the brand, and the actual cost of the works exceeded the agreed contract price. Additionally, the courts held that the constructor did not eliminate any construction defects, despite numerous requests from the client.


Intermode UK


Oleksandra Bortman

Senior Associate, Attorney-at-Law

Domestic Litigation,
International Arbitration

Oleg Kachmar

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Domestic Litigation,
Restructuring and Insolvency,

Yurii Kolos

Counsel, Attorney-at-Law

Domestic Litigation,
Restructuring and Insolvency,

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